Remodeling Practices to Add Value to Your Home


Most homeowners are aware that remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms is the best way to add value to a home. These are important areas that experience a lot of wear and tear and appliances and even tile colors can become outdated. Unfortunately, most people don’t have to budget to completely overhaul their kitchen and bathrooms. For homeowners on a budget, there are affordable remodeling options that will add value.

In 2018, the average cost of remodeling a 200-square-foot-kitchen was around $64,000. The includes fully renovating cabinets, countertops, an island, sink faucet, and adding new appliances, flooring, and lighting. Of course, it is possible to spend way more than that bringing a kitchen up-to-date. In fact, 10% of homeowners spent over $100,000 on a new kitchen. While a remodel is a sound investment, not everyone can afford to invest that much money.

Refinishing Services

For those on a tighter budget, refinishing services may offer a more affordable alternative. Practically any surface, including sinks, tubs, tile, and countertops can be refinished. In fact, the refinishing process is so thorough and effective that you can actually change the color of your tub, tile, etc. In a matter of hours, you can have a completely different-looking kitchen or bathroom.

Benefits of Refinishing

➠Cost. Refinishing surfaces costs just a fraction compared to replacement. Ultimately, you will end up adding value to your home while also spending less.

➠Environmentally-friendly. Instead of creating more waste, refinishing is able to repurpose items and breathe new life into them.

➠Fast turnaround times. Instead of waiting weeks for a full remodel and losing access to important areas of the home, refinishing can be completed in a matter of hours.

➠Durability. The refinishing process fixes any dents, chips, cracks, and stains, and leaves behind an incredibly durable finish that will withstand years of use. In fact, most companies offer an extensive warranty on their work.

As you consider remodeling your kitchen or bathrooms, keep in mind that the return on these projects is about 54%. For smaller remodeling projects, the return goes up to 81%. With refinishing services, you don’t have to have a six-digit budget to experience significant increases in value while also enjoying a more beautiful home. To learn more about how refinishing works and to get your free quote, contact Affordable Refinishing of North Carolina today.