Should I Refinish My Tub?


For many people, the bathroom is a relaxing oasis where they can enjoy a soothing soak after a stressful day. If your bathroom isn’t inspiring you, it could be time for an update. Stained, chipped, and cracked bathtubs can be a real eyesore. While there is the option of replacing the tub, bathtub refinishing offers a more affordable alternative that will make your tub look like new. It could be the perfect option if you want to repair or update your bathtub.

Advantages of Bathtub Refinishing 

Between labor and materials, replacing a bathtub comes with a price tag in the thousands. Plus, you have to factor in construction time, which is bound to disrupt the house and limit your access to the bathroom for days or weeks. The cost of refinishing or reglazing a bathtub is significantly less and the entire process can be complete in just one day. The new glaze will take 24-36 hours to completely cure, so you can use your tub again in no time.

The bathtub refinishing process provides a durable finish that will extend the life of your tub. Most companies also offer a warranty so that you can feel confident that your investment is protected.

How Does Bathtub Refinishing Work?

How Does Bathtub Refinishing Work?

The refinishing process involves several steps. The technician will begin by stripping off the old finish and thoroughly sanding the tub to create a smooth surface. Next, any holes, chips cracks, or rust spots are repaired. Then a primer along with multiple layers of coating are applied. The final step is applying a sealant. The end result is a tub that looks like new. You can even change the color of your tub as part of the refinishing process.

Bathtub refinishing is a convenient and affordable process that can breathe new life into an old tub. If you are ready to reclaim your bathroom, bathtub refinishing might be the best option for you. To learn more about the refinishing process and get a free quote, contact the experts at Affordable Refinishing.